"I was shocked when I saw it actually works and it somehow does NOT hurt at all. I use it while watching TV, it's a breeze!" - Chloe N., USA

crystal hair eraser

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Painless & easy to use, the senbark hair eraser is a modern way to completely remove unwanted hair (long or short) without messing up the bath tub.

  • gently exfoliates dead skin cells
  • take it anywhere | no strawberry skin
  • can be used on all body parts
non-toxic | eco-friendly | reusable
  • worldwide shipping
  • premium-quality skin care
  • 100% money-back guarantee

crystal hair eraser
$35.00 50.0% off

tired of razor cuts, painful waxing or expensive lasers?

Using nano-crystalline technology, the senbark hair remover helps unwanted hair clump up & cleanly break from the surface, leaving you with no pain or cuts & baby smooth skin.

lasts up to 3 years, no refills required

so, so easy to use

Seriously, a baby could do it - if... babies weren't already so hairless, that is.

Gently rub it in circular motions on your skin (ideally damp, but not necessary) after a shower and watch the hair disappear in front of your eyes.

The amazing part? You can do it while watching TV, reading in the living room, or any other activity.

rinse it with water after use

stay smooth for longer

The senbark hair eraser is designed to slow hair regrowth in just a couple of sessions. Cheaper than razors long term.

no irritation & no strawberry legs

excellent to travel with

Our hair eraser fits in your pocket or purse. Take it with you anywhere for a quick, smoothing touch-up.

perfect size: 2.3" x 3.9" (6cm x 10cm)

based on thousands of users...

97% said the appearance of their strawberry legs improved.

95% noticed a reduction in the appearance of ingrown hairs.

90% saw an improvement in the softness & firmness of their skin.

worldwide shipping

Order now, and get smooth skin in 8-14 business days thanks to our worldwide, tracked, and insured shipping straight to your door.

expert customer support

If for any reason, you aren't 100% happy with your order, we'll do absolutely everything in our power to make it right.

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